What to do with a box of bananas

Samuel Adams talks about how to obtain a 40lb box of bananas for $10, and then demonstrates what to do with the bounty. Organic bananas will cost more but taste better. Depending where you live like NYC, it can be hard to get an entire box of over ripe bananas but not impossible. Most store managers will sell you boxes for half the price.

Robyn O’Brien allergy solutions

Robyn O’Brien was just a Mom trying to feed her kids. One morning while eating Eggo waffles, yogurt and eggs, her baby looked she was choking. They rushed her to the hospital and the doctor said your kids allergic to food. The questions from Robyn were, “Why is food poisonous for kids?” and “What was added to our food that has increased the likelihood of allergies?” Robyn learned of the changes she and her family had to make and has since strived to educate everyone that will listen.

Plant based athlete Rich Roll on running


I got to sit down with Rich Roll only a few days after reading his book. It was so surreal to finish the last page of Finding Ultra and say, I hope I meet him some day. The next weekend I ran into him in NYC and he gave a one on one interview. My tripod dropped and I was so focused on him that it did not turn out so well but his info is great for people starting a new fitness routine or running.