Brussel Sprouts are sexy

The easiest recipe to make your dish look fancy. Brussel Sprouts are so sexy right now, you can find them everywhere. I have eaten entire plates full, there are so many variations but roasting is always the best. When my wife and I were asked to make a dish for a get together I took it as a plantbased challenge to steal the show with what is still considered peasant food. Keeping these morsels on the stalk adds to the presentation.


  1. Pre Heat oven to 375 degrees
  2. You must clean and peel off any hanging leaves and save them in a bowl to make brussel sprout chips. Well, you don’t have to put they sure are good video below.
  3. Air dry or pat a towel on the stalk, we don’t want to add moisture and steam them in the oven this is the key problem where a lot of people go wrong.
  4. Put oil on your hands I used a tablespoon of coconut oil and rubbed it all over the stalk and sprouts.
  5. Put it in a dish with parchment, grind salt and pepper just a bit and or sprinkle aminos.
  6. Shallots or a small sweet onion finely chopped and sprinkled in the dish or pan over the stalks.
  7. Put dish in oven and rotate the stalks every 15 mins cook for a total of 45 they will continue to cook while they rest in the pan and really do taste better undercooked versus overcooked.

Here is a failed attempt at the beauty that is brussel sprout chips. You must check on the chips every 3 minutes past 10 otherwise you will have a burned mess.

Pigging out on plants once in a while will not get you in shape

Eating plants is good for you but it needs to be a consistent practice if it is going to be your path to a trim figure. Many people will eat plant-based for a weekend and then say it didn’t work. When starting out there will be weight loss without exercise but it is not recommended to just sit around eating carrots and waiting for the pounds to melt off. Go work out and be patient. Natural cures take a natural amount of time but the results will last longer.

Food Revolution summit 2013 free online listening

I just listened to¬†today’s first speakers Dr Hyman author of Your Blood sugar solution, Kris Carr author of Crazy sexy cancer and Dr Dean Ornish. The recordings are free to listen to here for 24 hrs after the live broadcast. There is a full week of guest speakers. Today’s speakers will not be available after 9am PDT USA. For anyone that missed it I will summarize all the speakers remarks for the next few days.

Dr Hyman author of Your Blood sugar solution

– one sugar free/ diet soda consumed by women increases the chance of diabetes by 33%

– 95% of Diabetes can be prevented by lifestyle and it is reversible.

– High blood pressure, diabetes, belly fat, memory loss, stroke, heart disease are all the same problem and the solution is the same. Which is to change lifestyle to a whole foods plant based diet.

– What you put on the end of your fork is more important than any pill you will find at the bottom of a bottle. If there was a pill that worked better than diet change I would prescribe it to all of my patients.

Kris Carr stage 4 cancer survivor author of crazy sexy cancer

– Diet at time of diagnosis was worst than standard American diet. Lots of fast food, processed and junk.

– the crazy sexy diet is plant-based, vegan, green juices, green smoothies and 1/2 plate should always be fresh vegetables or fruit.

– Increase alkaline decrease acidity

– plant based milks are not substitutions they are upgrades

– It is selfish to not take care of yourself because someday someone will have to take care of you. People are digging their graves with their forks and spoons.

Dr Dean Ornish founder of Preventative Medicine research

РDrugs and surgeries are needed and wonderful when someone is having a heart attack. Preventative lifestyle change can only be that, preventative. At time of heart attack it is too late to change. However afterwards it is worthwhile to make a lifestyle to not experience a heart attack again.

– It does not matter how old, sick or genetic history, you change your lifestyle, you improve your health, it is never too late.

-A Mediterranean diet prevents stroke in comparison to less healthy diets, but this was the only true conclusion of recent studies. Mediterranean diet does not improve health better than low fat diets.

– In the next few years diabetes will effect 50% of all Americans