Stinging Nettle Quercetin instead of allegra for allergies

Whether you pick stinging nettle and seek out produce high in quercetin, or you buy the supplements as powders doesn’t really matter, just consume it. I have been surrounded by people with allergies and never had an ounce of sympathy until I found out how bad it was when I turned 30. In the spring of 2013, I was riding my bike from Brooklyn into Manhattan and my eyelids started to swell up, my throat and nostrils felt clogged and sore while simultaneously flowing mucus like an open tap. I had to get off my bike and try to breathe, squinting at the city from the middle of the bridge I thought to myself is this anthrax or some other chemical warfare? After 30 years symptom free I finally got it, the pains and debilitation of allergies.

I hadn’t tried Benadryl, Allegra or any other pharma solution. What I found after buying them was it helped with the symptoms but only for a few hours, it seemed like the longest spring of my life. Other people I knew had been using high doses with no relief so I turned to plants. Stinging Nettle and Quercetin are both antihistamines, quercetin can be bought as a powder and also can be found in Onions and apples. I once again turned my back on Pizza a double whammy of cheese and bread both full of Histamines and started to make smoothies and teas with nettles and Quercetin. The balance of histamines to antihistamines in the diet is controversial but I am merely relaying what worked for me and my friends. I have kept both supplements in capsule form for when I go camping and hikes as well as in my glovebox now that I drive. The people I have shared this with had years of Allergy issues and all returned saying nothing has worked better for them.

If you pick Nettles it is best to do in the spring(for dense nutrition), picking them at knee height and clipping them half an inch above the two leaves closest to the ground so it grows back. I pick with a glove but have also begun to enjoy the sensation of the sting, when the nettles are dried the stinging sensation is gone. I dry them in paper grocery bags in the house, giving them a quick shake each morning to mix them up and help release any moisture from the bottom material. One of my mentors Yarrow wild has uploaded a great hippie video on picking nettles I posted below.



Any Smoothie you make add dried or fresh nettles up to a cup and a tablespoon of quercetin, I also like to add bee pollen


Tea with dried nettles two tablespoons and the skins of onions. Onions and skins have quercetin in them, the skins are already dried to be saved or used as needed.


Both ingredients make the perfect soup addition and I typically use the spent tea as a soup base. Basically, anything you use kale for in a recipe you can use nettles.