Vegan Punjab Curry with Moraccan carrot salad wraps

Vegan Eggplant Punjab
This looks super fancy I don’t think I can make this, Wrong! It is super easy. The trick is in any situation in the kitchen get water boiling to steam veggies or make rice/ noodles whatever it is that water can slow you down. The next trick is finding premade vegan eggplant Punjab which trader Joes sells. I add onions and green peas to spread serving sizes and add more flavor.

Brown rice tower
Cook the rice whatever kind you like
Jasmine rice always is better with Indian food
while warm scoop it into a mug and pack lightly
flip mug over onto a plate and tap the bottom

Moraccan Carrot Salad wraps
lettuce/kale/large spinach/ lightly steamed cabbage whatever you got
shred carrots
shred cabbage
you can add salt and some maple syrup or have plain or add some dressing and mix together
squeeze a lemon

Kids love vegetables when presented in an appetizing display

08school-lunches-slide-FHP1-blog480[1]Undercover kid video taped what was really being served at his grade school lunchroom cafeteria after a media storm and celeb chefs like Rachel Ray supposedly overhauled the menu. For anyone that ate school lunches the video entertaining. This highlights the need to follow-up with people and organizations that are trying to change but do not really have the education or set up to sustain the ideal food options. Kids love vegetables when presented in an appetizing display, it is not that they think produce is yucky but that most parents do not present their kids with vegetables cooked correctly.

Featured on the New York Times