Plant-based backpacking food recipes

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I am going up the Northville trail to lake placid in the Adirondacks. There are a lot of great stories about those woods, some are true and some have been embellished. there is an old french man spirit that appears to hikers, bigfoot sightings and other wild man myths. Adirondacks was a nickname given to the Algonquins from a rival tribe it meant bark eater. Sometimes I feel like I am in a tribe of looked down upon plant eaters, especially when people call me rabbit or leaf eater as if I too am less of a man for skipping out on meat. Rip Esselstyn in the book My Beef with meat simply reminds people who plants perk up the pecker. Anyways food hiking food needs to stay light but it doesn’t need to suck. I made my own stuff to control what is in it and what it would taste like.

When backpacking it is all about lightweight stuff you can add water to or eat dry. Bring some treats that you will eat first day to quickly lighten your bag(eat heavy food first). Focus on what could be cooked in a bag, I use ziploc bags and add cold or hot water and wash them in the stream when I am done for later use.

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MT. Tempeh and Taters

Tempeh has a 4 day shelf life out of the fridge so I made mashed potatoes as a side


-idahoan flakes

-nutritional yeast

-dill weed

-garlic powder


-veggie broth packet for tempeh

when I am ready I will cut up the tempeh and add it to the veggie sauce/broth packet and eat with taters from a bag.

you can also add TVP with more flavoring for a ground beef like texture

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Oatmeal is awesome I will add water the night before and often just eat it cold it. Overnight soaking makes even old-fashioned oats soft and if you added dried fruit it can seem almost fresh and plump full of water. The other bonus is if you have no fuel/fire or it is raining you can eat it on the go. There are many options, think theme/flavor and you may even consider savory oatmeal with spices or tropics with mango and coconut or chocolate and nuts.

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Mountain man oats

-old fashioned oats

-freeze dried bananas

-freeze dried raspberries

-freeze dried blueberries

-chia seeds

-pumpkins seeds

-brown sugar/stevia


For lunches I got seaweed salad and Ramen from Trader Joes. There are a million snacks to choose from but really seek out the unprocessed food bars, raw nuts and unsulphered fruits but do grab something good.

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