Stinging Nettle Quercetin instead of allegra for allergies

Whether you pick stinging nettle and seek out produce high in quercetin, or you buy the supplements as powders doesn’t really matter, just consume it. I have been surrounded by people with allergies and never had an ounce of sympathy until I found out how bad it was when I turned 30. In the spring of 2013, I was riding my bike from Brooklyn into Manhattan and my eyelids started to swell up, my throat and nostrils felt clogged and sore while simultaneously flowing mucus like an open tap. I had to get off my bike and try to breathe, squinting at the city from the middle of the bridge I thought to myself is this anthrax or some other chemical warfare? After 30 years symptom free I finally got it, the pains and debilitation of allergies.

I hadn’t tried Benadryl, Allegra or any other pharma solution. What I found after buying them was it helped with the symptoms but only for a few hours, it seemed like the longest spring of my life. Other people I knew had been using high doses with no relief so I turned to plants. Stinging Nettle and Quercetin are both antihistamines, quercetin can be bought as a powder and also can be found in Onions and apples. I once again turned my back on Pizza a double whammy of cheese and bread both full of Histamines and started to make smoothies and teas with nettles and Quercetin. The balance of histamines to antihistamines in the diet is controversial but I am merely relaying what worked for me and my friends. I have kept both supplements in capsule form for when I go camping and hikes as well as in my glovebox now that I drive. The people I have shared this with had years of Allergy issues and all returned saying nothing has worked better for them.

If you pick Nettles it is best to do in the spring(for dense nutrition), picking them at knee height and clipping them half an inch above the two leaves closest to the ground so it grows back. I pick with a glove but have also begun to enjoy the sensation of the sting, when the nettles are dried the stinging sensation is gone. I dry them in paper grocery bags in the house, giving them a quick shake each morning to mix them up and help release any moisture from the bottom material. One of my mentors Yarrow wild has uploaded a great hippie video on picking nettles I posted below.



Any Smoothie you make add dried or fresh nettles up to a cup and a tablespoon of quercetin, I also like to add bee pollen


Tea with dried nettles two tablespoons and the skins of onions. Onions and skins have quercetin in them, the skins are already dried to be saved or used as needed.


Both ingredients make the perfect soup addition and I typically use the spent tea as a soup base. Basically, anything you use kale for in a recipe you can use nettles.

Food Revolution April 30th- May 1st 2013 highlights

The recordings are free to listen to here for 24 hrs after the live broadcast. There is a full week of guest speakers. Today’s speakers will not be available after 9am PDT USA. Before I continue I would like to make it clear that this is a summary of what the speakers have said and the points I felt were relevant and most interesting.

April 30th- May 2nd speakers highlights

Will Potter Journalist and author of Green is the new Red

-Violence/abuse on animals before slaughter and throughout their lives is real and continues.

– All social movements have some people who will take extreme actions. Despite that reality the animal rights movement has never injured humans as has been done in all other social movements of the past. The FBI should not be wasting tax dollars and anti terrorist efforts on this social movement that is only focused on corporate responsibility.

Joel Furhman board certified family physician and author of Eat to Live

– Nutrition is always optimal compared with treating patients with medication.

– The problems we face must be treated by focusing on reversing the issues by diet and exercise. Medication must be last resort instead of first action prescribed.

– Diet needs still vary from person to person but plant-based works best but still should be tweaked for each individual.

– Paleo diet is similar to Atkins diet and with all the damage correlated to cardiac disease. Animal products are the driving force of cancer, inflammation and weight gain. Look anywhere in the world, when meat consumption increased in any country so does breast cancer. There is zero value to paleo and all data according to science has proved against Paleo diets as a healthy lifestyle.

-Wheat is not bad for the majority of the population. However it should not be the cornerstone or foundation of the food consumed by any individual. Food diversity is very important for overall health.

– Addiction/ food cravings dissipate when there is food diversity. Healthy food does not cure us instantly it takes time. Anything that can affect you quickly is pharmacological and not nutrient. When you change to a better diet there is an approximately 3 day detox that you may experience fatigue, sore throat or headache but it will go away.

Dr Neal Barnard MD author of 21 day weight loss Kickstart and Power foods for the Brain 

– Baby boomers are 3x more likely to get dementia and alzeimers as meat eaters than vegetarians.

– Kids that are getting lots of saturated fat tend to get more of it from dairy products than meat.

– The red wine benefits to health are less than once thought. It is not so much the wine but the grapes, raisins and berries without the negatives of alcohol.

– Dairy inhibits iron absorption and meat consumption causes overdose of iron. Green leafy vegetables and beans are a great source of iron.

– Avoid vitamins that have copper and iron

– People with ill-health can reverse it even in old age but why ever go down that road. We should start in the beginning with our children.

– What you think is great and taste awesome will change. I loved smoking and animal products and when I first quit I would consider going back but after time my taste changed and I no longer desired animal products and smokes.

Michael Klaper MD

– I got patients off medications by putting them  through cooking classes and eating plant-based diets.

– If you put heavy oil in a gas tank of a car it will clog up and not be able to run until that oil is cleaned out. The same scenario can be applied to humans and putting the wrong fuel in the body.

– Fast foods are not cheaper the majority of the world eats plant-based and that includes the poorest people. The staples of plant based food are much cheaper than any fast food dollar for dollar.

-The true cost of a piece of flesh on a plate is animal suffering as well as our health.

Food Revolution April 29th 2013 highlights

The recordings are free to listen to here for 24 hrs after the live broadcast. There is a full week of guest speakers. Today’s speakers will not be available after 9am PDT USA. Before I continue I would like to make it clear that this is a summary of what the speakers have said and the points I felt were relevant and most interesting.

Mark Bittman author of Food Matters and writer for NY Times

– The average American eats 1.5lbs of animal products a day including Meat/dairy

– We need to have incentives for eating different things explained clearly in order for people to want to change.

– If 10% of grass lawns in America were converted to gardens we could supply 1/3 of tthe produce needed for American consumption.

– Lets not be hypocrites animals can be a part of the global diet, they are not essential but there is a place for their consumption. However the treatment of a cow or chicken while living should be equal to that of a cat or dog. Unethical treatment of animals raised for human consumption equals unethical consumption.

– Some of the major stumbling blocks of the plant based movement is people do not like to garden, cook, shop or take time to prepare meals. We need to find a way to make plant based eating convienent to these people.

Ken Cook co founder of the Enviromental Working group

– Chemicals on food are tested seperately but never tested on the combined effects. Some chemicals are safe and stable but when combined as you know with baking soda and vinegar there can be change. Chemical cocktails being sprayed on our food is being tested on us, there are no controlled experiments.

– Oraganic vs Conventional testing showed ther were no benefits to organic because of the EPA standards on the allowance of chemicals. However the EPA is constantly  pulling pesticides or chemicals citing them as unsafe. This is due to the findings that the exposure at the rates once thought of as safe levels were wrong.

– Organic is like private school for food. We really need to clean up conventional food so produce can be good and affordable for everyone.

Vandana Shiva PHD

-Save your seeds, plant gardens, do not trust companies with your future. Her website explains this all really well click here

Food Revolution april 28 2013 highlights

The recordings are free to listen to here for 24 hrs after the live broadcast. There is a full week of guest speakers. Today’s speakers will not be available after 9am PDT USA. Before I continue I would like to make it clear that this is a summary of what the speakers have said and the points I felt were relevant and most interesting.

Jeffery Smith founder of Institute for Responsible Technology, author of the bestselling book, Seeds of Deception

– Animals and athletes have had test trials on GMO consumption. There is increased health when they are no longer consuming GMOs(Genetically Modified Organisms).

– Roundup ready crops are toxic to beneficial bacteria inside the gut flora and may be linked to adverse reactions in sexual function.

– GMOs effect the trypsin inhibitor which has an effect on protein digestion, causing allergic reaction. Peanuts are a good example of this effect. When GMO Peanuts hit the market in the 1990’s soon after peanut allergies dramatically increased.

– Food allergy emergency visits increased 8 fold when GMOs were introduced in the United States.

– Free Non GMO Shopping guide can be found online under that title and for smart phones as shop no GMO app for free as well.

Robyn O’Brien Food Allergies

– Correlation is not causation meaning GMO is not the only issue with allergies but there is a connection and it is part of the problem.

– CDC does not count the # of food allergy deaths per year

-Beginning in 1997 when GMO foods hit the store shelves American children became the GMO lab rats

For a great video that goes in deeper to what Robyn was talking about click here.

Andrew Kimbrell Center for Food Safety

-USDA spent 100’s of millions on engineered animals but none have made it to market but GM salmon may be released soon. Sign the petition here against Genetically modified salmon

– 50% of farms are being effected by roundup resistant weeds despite them using the roundup ready seeds.

– Healthy food is a right. We need to establish a food agency minus the drug. The Food and Drug administration should be separated into two different entities.

Robyn O’Brien allergy solutions

Robyn O’Brien was just a Mom trying to feed her kids. One morning while eating Eggo waffles, yogurt and eggs, her baby looked she was choking. They rushed her to the hospital and the doctor said your kids allergic to food. The questions from Robyn were, “Why is food poisonous for kids?” and “What was added to our food that has increased the likelihood of allergies?” Robyn learned of the changes she and her family had to make and has since strived to educate everyone that will listen.