Kids love vegetables when presented in an appetizing display

08school-lunches-slide-FHP1-blog480[1]Undercover kid video taped what was really being served at his grade school lunchroom cafeteria after a media storm and celeb chefs like Rachel Ray supposedly overhauled the menu. For anyone that ate school lunches the video entertaining. This highlights the need to follow-up with people and organizations that are trying to change but do not really have the education or set up to sustain the ideal food options. Kids love vegetables when presented in an appetizing display, it is not that they think produce is yucky but that most parents do not present their kids with vegetables cooked correctly.

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Is it raining if you don’t get wet? MoMA’s New “Rain Room”

013[1]On Friday I was able to go to the opening of a new installation at the Museum of modern Art in NYC. The exhibit, which debuted at the Barbican Centre in London last year, utilizes 3D motion sensor cameras to pause the rain wherever a body is detected. Here’s video from the London show:

I was born and grew up in Oregon so rain is a part of my life. You can hate rain, avoid it or run around in it and laugh and enjoy it. As children we loved rain and laughed as we splashed in the puddles. As adults it is time to let go and enjoy the natural weather patterns and seasons. Find reasons to appreciate whatever you are experiencing because you are alive. The other option is to spend some good dough on tickets to this exhibit and then you won’t even get wet and you can stand around in the rain.
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Robyn O’Brien allergy solutions

Robyn O’Brien was just a Mom trying to feed her kids. One morning while eating Eggo waffles, yogurt and eggs, her baby looked she was choking. They rushed her to the hospital and the doctor said your kids allergic to food. The questions from Robyn were, “Why is food poisonous for kids?” and “What was added to our food that has increased the likelihood of allergies?” Robyn learned of the changes she and her family had to make and has since strived to educate everyone that will listen.