Is it raining if you don’t get wet? MoMA’s New “Rain Room”

013[1]On Friday I was able to go to the opening of a new installation at the Museum of modern Art in NYC. The exhibit, which debuted at the Barbican Centre in London last year, utilizes 3D motion sensor cameras to pause the rain wherever a body is detected. Here’s video from the London show:

I was born and grew up in Oregon so rain is a part of my life. You can hate rain, avoid it or run around in it and laugh and enjoy it. As children we loved rain and laughed as we splashed in the puddles. As adults it is time to let go and enjoy the natural weather patterns and seasons. Find reasons to appreciate whatever you are experiencing because you are alive. The other option is to spend some good dough on tickets to this exhibit and then you won’t even get wet and you can stand around in the rain.
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Plant Based Picnic on the Hudson

IMG_2101When I first thought of going on picnics as a veg head it seemed like it was going to suck. The reality of plant based eating is that their is so much to eat and sometimes the focus on fruits and vegetables forces creativity. Coconut fried tofu with sushi quinoa/brown rice, seaweed salad, corn salad, and a pint of strawberries. We ate our picnic on the Hudson while the sun set and it was nice until it instantly got freezing.

sushi quinoa/brown rice

cook brown rice and quinoa together in a pot and let cool

add rice vinegar, sugar or stevia to taste and a few drops of soy sauce.