Plant-based boost manhood, cures E.D. & adds spice

Men often associate manhood to their penis and consuming animal products. Meat and dairy products clog the very tiny artery that pumps blood flow to the penis for an erection. This is why E.D.(erectile dysfunction) is the first warning sign of soon to be heart disease. The same goes for women, eating plant-based increases circulation which increases blood flow to the vagina. This sex secret applies to the elderly as well believe it or not. So I guess the manliest men and women are omnivores and the satisfied partners have plant-based companions.542380_750838616694_589345199_n[1]

Glyphosate induces human breast cancer cells growth via estrogen receptors


Glyphosate induces human breast cancer cells growth via estrogen receptors. Another way of saying this is that the active ingredient in roundup ready GMO crops is a culprit for breast cancer. This is another reason to try to eat more organic foods, grow your own and stand up to big business. We can no longer turn a blind eye to what companies are doing with our food.

source was found in the US National Library of Medicine

Monsanto chairman Hugh Grant real life Lex Luthor. Who is going to be superman?

Monsanto chairman Hugh Grant is a real life Lex Luthor. Who is going to play Superman? I have been wondering who would emerge to fight this great evil infecting the world’s food supply. Monsanto makes GMO’s or genetically modified food which causes ill effects on the people who consume it and even worse effects on the environment to grow, fertilize and care with pesticides. I am no longer waiting for Superman he is not coming. Join with the 36 countries ready to fight for the right to eat pure food as nature intended and to be able to know the difference on the store shelves. Click here on the Google document to find the nearest protest to march against Monsanto on may 25th. Find out more at March-Against-Monsanto.comMarch Against Monsanto[1]

Kids love vegetables when presented in an appetizing display

08school-lunches-slide-FHP1-blog480[1]Undercover kid video taped what was really being served at his grade school lunchroom cafeteria after a media storm and celeb chefs like Rachel Ray supposedly overhauled the menu. For anyone that ate school lunches the video entertaining. This highlights the need to follow-up with people and organizations that are trying to change but do not really have the education or set up to sustain the ideal food options. Kids love vegetables when presented in an appetizing display, it is not that they think produce is yucky but that most parents do not present their kids with vegetables cooked correctly.

Featured on the New York Times

My beef with Meat author Rip Essylstyn

Food Revolution April May 2nd 2013 highlights

The recordings are free to listen to here for 24 hrs after the live broadcast. There is a full week of guest speakers. Today’s speakers will not be available after 9am PDT USA. Before I continue I would like to make it clear that this is a summary of what the speakers have said and the points I felt were relevant and most interesting.

rip_esslstyn-5[1]Rip Esslstyn author of My beef with Meat

– People with desk jobs and bad sleep can gain 5-10 lbs a year.

– We need to reclaim our lives by gaining control of our health.

– There is nothing radical or extreme about eating plant-based. We can talk endlessly about why the standard american diet is extreme. The peer-reviewed studies are crystal clear that the health issues Americans are dealing with can be reversed with lifestyle.

– Oil is the new snake oil Erectile Dysfunction is a clear sign of heart disease and can easily be reversed with a plant-based diet.

-Carbs aren’t bad. Processed carbs make us fat and are bad.

– Whole grains, unprocessed intact oats, rice, grain, legumes are all very healthy types of carbs.

– Plant-based lifestyles go against the grain of what is currently popular but this will change with education. Once people understand what certain foods do to the body and how to replace those foods they will change.

Mike Adams founder of

– Lead poisoning is possibly one of the reasons Rome fell and nutrition can be many reasons why communities and countries fall apart.

-Quit experimenting on us! Metals, GMO seeds, and chemicals should be tested in bio hazard facilities, not on us.

– Chronic disease can be cured by getting people to focus on eating food with minerals and nutrients.

– Factory farms feed their animals GMOs and when we eat those animals we are a part of the chain that destroys and rapes the earth of its good resources.

– Organic food is real food. There should be campaigns labeling conventional food with all of the poisons/ pesticides and health warnings.

– The word natural is very misleading and needs to be regulated.

– Grow as much as you can with heirloom seeds and feed trace minerals to your own soil to get strong nutrient rich vegetables.

Food Revolution April 30th- May 1st 2013 highlights

The recordings are free to listen to here for 24 hrs after the live broadcast. There is a full week of guest speakers. Today’s speakers will not be available after 9am PDT USA. Before I continue I would like to make it clear that this is a summary of what the speakers have said and the points I felt were relevant and most interesting.

April 30th- May 2nd speakers highlights

Will Potter Journalist and author of Green is the new Red

-Violence/abuse on animals before slaughter and throughout their lives is real and continues.

– All social movements have some people who will take extreme actions. Despite that reality the animal rights movement has never injured humans as has been done in all other social movements of the past. The FBI should not be wasting tax dollars and anti terrorist efforts on this social movement that is only focused on corporate responsibility.

Joel Furhman board certified family physician and author of Eat to Live

– Nutrition is always optimal compared with treating patients with medication.

– The problems we face must be treated by focusing on reversing the issues by diet and exercise. Medication must be last resort instead of first action prescribed.

– Diet needs still vary from person to person but plant-based works best but still should be tweaked for each individual.

– Paleo diet is similar to Atkins diet and with all the damage correlated to cardiac disease. Animal products are the driving force of cancer, inflammation and weight gain. Look anywhere in the world, when meat consumption increased in any country so does breast cancer. There is zero value to paleo and all data according to science has proved against Paleo diets as a healthy lifestyle.

-Wheat is not bad for the majority of the population. However it should not be the cornerstone or foundation of the food consumed by any individual. Food diversity is very important for overall health.

– Addiction/ food cravings dissipate when there is food diversity. Healthy food does not cure us instantly it takes time. Anything that can affect you quickly is pharmacological and not nutrient. When you change to a better diet there is an approximately 3 day detox that you may experience fatigue, sore throat or headache but it will go away.

Dr Neal Barnard MD author of 21 day weight loss Kickstart and Power foods for the Brain 

– Baby boomers are 3x more likely to get dementia and alzeimers as meat eaters than vegetarians.

– Kids that are getting lots of saturated fat tend to get more of it from dairy products than meat.

– The red wine benefits to health are less than once thought. It is not so much the wine but the grapes, raisins and berries without the negatives of alcohol.

– Dairy inhibits iron absorption and meat consumption causes overdose of iron. Green leafy vegetables and beans are a great source of iron.

– Avoid vitamins that have copper and iron

– People with ill-health can reverse it even in old age but why ever go down that road. We should start in the beginning with our children.

– What you think is great and taste awesome will change. I loved smoking and animal products and when I first quit I would consider going back but after time my taste changed and I no longer desired animal products and smokes.

Michael Klaper MD

– I got patients off medications by putting them  through cooking classes and eating plant-based diets.

– If you put heavy oil in a gas tank of a car it will clog up and not be able to run until that oil is cleaned out. The same scenario can be applied to humans and putting the wrong fuel in the body.

– Fast foods are not cheaper the majority of the world eats plant-based and that includes the poorest people. The staples of plant based food are much cheaper than any fast food dollar for dollar.

-The true cost of a piece of flesh on a plate is animal suffering as well as our health.