Pigging out on plants once in a while will not get you in shape

Eating plants is good for you but it needs to be a consistent practice if it is going to be your path to a trim figure. Many people will eat plant-based for a weekend and then say it didn’t work. When starting out there will be weight loss without exercise but it is not recommended to just sit around eating carrots and waiting for the pounds to melt off. Go work out and be patient. Natural cures take a natural amount of time but the results will last longer.

Plant based athlete Rich Roll on running


I got to sit down with Rich Roll only a few days after reading his book. It was so surreal to finish the last page of Finding Ultra and say, I hope I meet him some day. The next weekend I ran into him in NYC and he gave a one on one interview. My tripod dropped and I was so focused on him that it did not turn out so well but his info is great for people starting a new fitness routine or running.