Ovarian Cyst are a choice

In life, we have many choices and beliefs that lead us to results or outcomes. In my experience of working with 5 different sufferers of Ovarian Cyst, it has become very clear that it is a choice. Now you might be directed to do other things or take other routes and I am just simply saying there are more choices that often are not presented to the public. I do not believe that there is anything wrong with the food we have always called food, such as vegetables, fruit, grains, meat, and dairy. I believe that eating anything other than plants excessively is the culprit in the negative health outcomes of many people. You do not give someone with Celiac Disease bread if they are malnourished that will hurt them, however, the person next to them starving could be revitalized from a slice.

Kate Beckinsale like many other people that felt tired eating a vegan or vegetarian diet went from no meat and dairy to over 60% of her calories from meat and said she felt better. Most people that begin to cut back on animal products do not eat enough variety and whole foods, as well as they, are not getting enough B12 and Iodine.  You do get both those from eating meat but you also get, hormones, antibiotics, bleach, saturated fats, heavy metals, insulin issues, cancer growth, and heart disease. Take B12 in a vitamin form and you get to skip all of that nonsense. Cyst grow from having the fuel to grow cells quickly, when we eat high volumes of animal products we accelerate the growth of all cells in our bodies including cancer, tumors or cyst. The problems that can with high meat consumption meaning more than once or twice a week is that the amount of fat consumption that comes along. Even FAT is good for the brain to function and necessary but at what volume. When I have gotten friends to stop eating dairy completely and animal products down to no more than 5% of their entire calorie intake the Cyst have not returned. Those that followed this protocol also drank dark leafy greens in powder form or whole 3 times a day and increased fiber intake naturally by the plant matter being consumed.

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