Food Cravings, how to deal with them

So you have had nothing but celery and green drinks since January 1st and you are beginning to wonder will this be my life? I mean I feel amazing but am I going to be like a pet eating the same thing every day? What about hot dogs, french fries, and birthday cake? You might have lost some weight or found a way to be consistent but the junk food fairy buzzing around your ear is like don’t you miss ice cream? Or your friend with the weird health issue keeps asking, “where you going to get your protein from green drinks?” Animal bodies including humans are super adaptive and will ultimately be their natural size with optimal nutrition. Elephants, guerillas, rhinos all are large and only eat grass and plants, we get our protein very easily when we are fed nutrient dense food. Anyone that makes sure to get their protein every day is fat and anyone with a deficiency is flat out starving. People can gain weight or lose weight eating any type of healthy foods at large amounts. Diets are simply what we choose to eat each day and not some program or membership. The point of taking a day, a week, or 40 days to alter the diet to a minimum food selection, is to give your body time to rest and catch up.

In order to get different results, we must make changes that last. The goal I have for everyone I work with is to eat nutrient-dense food over anything else. Cravings are typically a sign of dehydration or a lack of mineral or nutrient. Before there were stores we would go looking for what our bodies craved. Supple sweet fruits and vegetables full of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients with varying bright colors. Colors mean, Chlorophyll, carotenoids, flavonols, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C, and folate. When you look at food marketing the colors are really obvious. Red and yellow are used on food packaging everywhere, all the fast food logos as well.fastfoodchains

According to Business Insider,

“The color yellow elicits a feeling of comfort, while red tends to make people feel more hungry and impulsive.”

Ok, so the Man is messing with our natural impulses but wait there’s more. We also have bacteria evolved beyond us genetically in our guts screaming for high-calorie simple carbs and fats such as big macs, donuts, and chips. Yes, the microflora in our guts is possibly smarter than us and able to control our impulses, or at least influence us even at a hormonal level! The only way to win this battle is to withhold foods from them that they are used to having from your food choices. Every time you eat simple high-calorie low nutrient foods like fast food, you teach the bugs to get you to eat it again later! Do you want to take the red pill and learn more or the blue pill and forget we ever talked?

A craving is from inside you, you taught yourself, or the bugs inside you to crave food. The best part is within a 40 day period you can retrain your gut bacteria to crave foods that are nutrient dense and make you feel like running instead of going back to bed after breakfast. I am not saying that you will not salivate when you smell barbeque or want to eat cake when it is handed to you. However, you can ask yourself what outcome do you want to feel afterward. If meat cravings were real then everyone’s pets would be eaten. You do not crave meat, that’s what carnivores crave. Carnivores drool over a dead animal bleeding out. If you crave meat for every meal then start eating it without salt or sauce and once in a while uncooked. I crave barbeque the burned bits, the sugar, the salt, and the fat, beyond those three things it can be almost anything edible like mushrooms, tempeh, zucchini, or romaine lettuce put on the grill.

Water, water, water, being dehydrated is usually the first solution to any food craving. We are bored and want mouth pleasure, we are avoiding work, we are eating our feelings. Take control spray it really helps for food cravings and feeling out of control in general. Stay away from all substitute sweeteners they light up the brain and create impulse cravings. When the tongue taste sweetness, but sugar never hits the stomach, the stomach acids keep getting made to prepare for this food you never ate. Go on walks, go get to work, get some sleep, eat celery all day long. Cravings are annoying, take note when you have them. What is the craving, when is the craving, what’s going on in your life? What do you have control over? The cravings stop when you take control of your life and your choices instead of impulsively living each day.

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