Protein consumption over 5% causes Cancer growth

Our world is full of things we cannot control that have an effect on our health. Where we grow up, genes from our parents, chemicals used in buildings, the sun, the air, water and the quality of those interactions. Many things can initiate cancer in every person’s body. However, the promotion or accelerated growth of these cancers can be controlled by what we eat and how often. Rats often used in experiments have a short lifespan and quick reproductive rate. We are ethically obligated to use rats over human test for moral reasons. Anyone that owns pets in America is familiar with starting to feel bumps or tumors while petting or handling their animal. The common stance is that tumors are perfectly normal and part of the aging process in your pet rat or dog. The familiarity of tumors in pets is starting to be as common as cancer diagnosis for a  family member or neighbor. What are the links and commonalities between observation and actual test?


In rat studies on protein consumption, an increase of over 5% of protein in the diet would push tumor growth from initiation induced by a carcinogen into promotion or multiplying tumor cells even quadrupling tumor growth. The centenarians(groups living to age 100 or older) living in Okinawa had a 5% protein consumption due to lifestyle and availability of food. When more western lifestyle practices and food additions to the diet hit the region, so did western diseases and the lower life expectancy of this population, including an increase in cancer. We do not need to do test on humans since we have data and companies doing the test on us without permission. Many people with older dogs as pets have felt the tumors while petting their fur. The tumors can be halted from growing and possibly reversed by the 5% rule of taking down the protein consumption. 5% of protein is not a visual scale either but 5% of caloric intake. So plant consumption in an average human’s or omnivores diet must be greater than the typical side dish of corn or peas next to a 12 oz steak. The study also found that when the rats were fed 20% wheat or soy protein that there was no tumor growth, confirming that it was specifically protein derived from animals.

Eating meat sparingly as well as all other animal products are the key factors in controlling tumor growth in the body over all other factors including chemicals, or family history. Diet is as important to cancer as fertilizer and sunshine is to plants. We must have seeds in soil to sprout but to get plants to grow and develop we must have sun and fertilizer. Diet is the key factor in taking cancer from its beginning stage to its invasion stage. Eating gallons of blueberries for antioxidants will not be as effective if you are constantly giving your cells the building blocks of cell growth as well as the accelerators. We need our cells to keep reproducing and repairing but doing this quickly exceeds all cell growth as well as tumor cell or cancer cell growth.

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