Best Quinoa recipe from a Peruvian

My wife Marta learned how to make quinoa from a Peruvian and now it always has the perfect mouthfeel and flavor. Quinoa is a seed that grows in the high mountain regions. Quinoa is not a grass, it is a cereal like seed in the spinach and amaranth family. You can use it instead of rice, like oatmeal, in cold salads, even into a gluten-free pizza crust. There are 3 colors white, red and black, the darker ones tend to be more of an earthy flavor however they have more nutrients. With food, if you taste bitter or stronger flavors it typically means more minerals and nutrients.

Quinoa Recipe

Bring a pot of water to boil at least two times the water to dry quinoa.

Once water is at a full boil pour in the dry quinoa.

Cook for 10-15mins less time for firmer quinoa. (if you are making a salad with it you will want to cook it less.)

Strain Quinoa and then rinse.




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