Plantbased, Paleo or Vegan gladiators

Gladiators_from_the_Zliten_mosaic_3People are getting very defensive over what we call healthy eating these days and there seem to be more definitions of healthy food than gender variations. Dr. Campbell, Dr. Esselstyn, and Dr. Gregor all agree that it is more plants. My Father told me he is going to try paleo and instead of giving him a laundry list of how that might not be the best to reverse heart disease, I still support him in making better choices. Better choices include passing on all things called food that is simply not food.  As a model in NYC, I saw all sorts of eating habits by models and ballerinas that were called healthy or good food. Eating only lettuce, tissue, cotton, used coffee beans, diet soda, fat-free, sugar-free and now gluten-free can all be bad and problematic. The reason is in the word free, when they take something out, they put other things in as fillers. Good food is just that food in its created state eaten with the least amount of alterations.

Paleo eating and plant-based eating can be considered the same thing, a vegan can be paleo they just don’t eat animal products. I am not in a position to say one is better than the other, we will see by following the people that eat certain ways and watching the outcomes. What is true and proven is that when you cut out processed food, dairy and sugars you gain back the strength and vitality promised us in our creation. Gladiators ate in order to win and then rest. After winning a battle, an anti-inflammatory diet would have suited them best for quick recovery and rest. The science points to the fact that they ate no meats but ate barley and other grains to stay strong. My friend was a boxer and any time he broke his hand he would eat a raw food diet (anti-inflammatory diet) in order to speed up the healing process. It doesn’t matter to me what diet they ate officially what matters to me is that the people alive now are in a battle against many forms of disease and the majority is losing this battle. The way to win is to say no to the rich foods of decadence. Eat like a peasant and thrive like a winning gladiator.

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