Kiss keep it simple and don’t feel stupid

People often ask me, “How can you find the time to do this?” and “It is too complicated or hard to make plantbased/vegan meals.” The reality is that I do make complicated recipes when I am bored or want to try something new. However I do have days when I just want to eat a lot of food and I do not want to wait. Always keep frozen veggies for days like this and other produce with long shelf/fridge life. Such as root vegetables, onions, yams, potatoes, beets, celery root, tubers and squashes. Cruciferous veggies in the fridge like broccoli, kale and cabbage store longer. Last night I just made okra with Cajun spice, beets and kale with sweet & spicy mustard. It was filling, easy, full of nutrients, minerals, vitamins as well as protein, calcium and fiber. Keep it simple so you don’t feel stupid or overworked. Food is fun and should be a simple process.

One thought on “Kiss keep it simple and don’t feel stupid

  1. So true! I find it’s actually easier and cheaper to eat vegan and raw vegan. There are no worries about cleaning cutting boards, what knife was used on what for cross contamination and so on. The best meals we eat are the ones straight from the farmers market. Yum! I’m off to complete my new recipe for kale salad.

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