Food Revolution april 28 2013 highlights

The recordings are free to listen to here for 24 hrs after the live broadcast. There is a full week of guest speakers. Today’s speakers will not be available after 9am PDT USA. Before I continue I would like to make it clear that this is a summary of what the speakers have said and the points I felt were relevant and most interesting.

Jeffery Smith founder of Institute for Responsible Technology, author of the bestselling book, Seeds of Deception

– Animals and athletes have had test trials on GMO consumption. There is increased health when they are no longer consuming GMOs(Genetically Modified Organisms).

– Roundup ready crops are toxic to beneficial bacteria inside the gut flora and may be linked to adverse reactions in sexual function.

– GMOs effect the trypsin inhibitor which has an effect on protein digestion, causing allergic reaction. Peanuts are a good example of this effect. When GMO Peanuts hit the market in the 1990’s soon after peanut allergies dramatically increased.

– Food allergy emergency visits increased 8 fold when GMOs were introduced in the United States.

– Free Non GMO Shopping guide can be found online under that title and for smart phones as shop no GMO app for free as well.

Robyn O’Brien Food Allergies

– Correlation is not causation meaning GMO is not the only issue with allergies but there is a connection and it is part of the problem.

– CDC does not count the # of food allergy deaths per year

-Beginning in 1997 when GMO foods hit the store shelves American children became the GMO lab rats

For a great video that goes in deeper to what Robyn was talking about click here.

Andrew Kimbrell Center for Food Safety

-USDA spent 100’s of millions on engineered animals but none have made it to market but GM salmon may be released soon. Sign the petition here against Genetically modified salmon

– 50% of farms are being effected by roundup resistant weeds despite them using the roundup ready seeds.

– Healthy food is a right. We need to establish a food agency minus the drug. The Food and Drug administration should be separated into two different entities.

One thought on “Food Revolution april 28 2013 highlights

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    I have also been listening to this summit from day 1. There is a lot of food for thought. Take a listen. Just find today’s date in the list after you click the link and you should be able to listen to the most recent calls.

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