Robyn O’Brien allergy solutions

Robyn O’Brien was just a Mom trying to feed her kids. One morning while eating Eggo waffles, yogurt and eggs, her baby looked she was choking. They rushed her to the hospital and the doctor said your kids allergic to food. The questions from Robyn were, “Why is food poisonous for kids?” and “What was added to our food that has increased the likelihood of allergies?” Robyn learned of the changes she and her family had to make and has since strived to educate everyone that will listen.

3 thoughts on “Robyn O’Brien allergy solutions

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  2. In 2009 I was diagnosed with Keratoisis Pilaris. A really annoying inflammatory response that appears in small little bumps or ‘chicken skin.’I was told that it was genetic and that my only hope was to use a lotion that was lanolin based. In 2009 I was vegetarian, but not a total vegan.

    Frustrated I started to dig deeper and sought out a Natural Path an , ND. She ordered a lab test that was far more in depth than a basic allergen test of, cat, dog, bee, cat, etc.

    I wasn’t too surprised when I got the results back.
    I was allergic to lemons, soy, wheat, lima beans, eggs, dairy…

    I learned more about pesticides, more about GMO and found my allergens where far deeper and far more sinister.

    Quickly I learned how to make informed choices, read sables and recognize key words. First went the MSG. HFCS, the processed sugars, the world of my kitchen changed over night.

    I became a plant based human.

    With in 9 months I lost 65 lbs, my asthma cleared up, allergies went away, anxiety, depression all gone.

    Just by following my food to it’s roots.

    Since then, I’ve been farming and fighting to educated my community about sustainable organics and traditional planting could save our planet, and our species.

    It only takes one…

    • Hey man this is Samuel Adams I would love to set a time up that we could meet online and talk by skype or phone I would love to hear more about your journey. I went through a messy divorce and have been traveling, I learned a lot and am coming back to helping people now that I have helped myself. Please give me a call at (971)713-8324 or email me at My full name is Samuel David Adams here is my facebook page sorry for the late reply but I hope you are doing even better than when you wrote this hit me up on facebook Cheers!

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