Eggs, Meat May Provoke Bacteria to Raise Heart Risk but also vegetables?

 “Investigators who found that eating meat can increase heart disease risk because of the actions of intestinal bacteria now say the same thing happens with lecithin, abundant in egg yolks.”
The story above was a headline today in the new York Times and as much as I appreciate the studies ability to motivate people to a plant based diet there is some information withheld. The main focus of the two articles is on the nutrient Choline which is an essential nutrient and is found in mushrooms, legumes and carrots. Three things consumed often by veg heads. The study focused on Choline from eating beef and eggs and not any other source. Choline will increase TMAO or trimethylamine N-oxide a by product of the body metabolizing Choline. Participants ate animal products and their blood was tested and as thought there was more TMAO. “But if they first took an antibiotic to wipe out intestinal bacteria, eggs did not have that effect. ” The similar effect was found in Vegans when they consumed the animal product there was little to no elevation of TMAO. Possibly due to the fact that Vegans do not eat animal products and that there is little build up.To see the effects of TMAO on cardiovascular risk, the investigators studied 4,000 people who had been seen at the Cleveland Clinic. The more TMAO in their blood, the more likely they were to have a heart attack or stroke in the ensuing three years.

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