Define what you value to initiate change or progress

Every human being has their own set of values that control their choices and until you can define your own, you will never be able to move beyond your present state. We must learn whats drives each of us to make choices and motivates reactions, in order for us to gain control or experience long term change. Here are my top 20 values in order of what is most important to me. There is no right answer or perfect list, it is up to the individual and can change with time. Take time to reflect on what drives you and write your list in order to help transition into what you want to become.

Top 20 values

  1. God – Turn to him for strength. Follow the Lord with heart and intentions even in secret.
  2. Seek Knowledge- Without knowledge there is no progression. Learn what is useful to you and always build on it.
  3. Be a partner- Partners never take away, do not be dependent, only give.
  4. Seek humor- Life is worth more with laughter find the joy and humor in all situations.
  5. Reflect Charity- All you need is love as do others share it liberally to overpower negativity.
  6. Lead with love- Lead others to develop their own potentials.
  7. Protect Nature- Seeds, soil and water must be respected because without there is no life.
  8. Health over wealth- Strive for optimal health in spirit, mind and body do not sacrifice any for wealth.
  9. Equality in Humanity- Treat all humans regardless of circumstance as worth your time.
  10. Care for animals- Animals are a gift, you are a animal, treat them as yourself.
  11. Freedom from money- Money has no value, live your life free of money, either by going without or becoming financially free.
  12. Live free- A man is most happy when he is free of restraints.
  13. Be an artist- Art is a mentality and can be a part of every act in life, even the simplest act.
  14. Never judge- Be open in mind and heart to new ideas. Leave judging to God and be open to new ideas, cultures and ways of life.
  15. Peace- Seek peace in all circumstances, bring peace with you.
  16. Forgiveness- Let go so you can forgive and they can forgive you
  17. Seek Independence- seek out ways that you may be free of dependency on government or others.
  18. Respect- Be respectful to yourself and others around you by ridding yourself of pride.
  19. Be original- Do things for yourself and what you enjoy and you will be blessed.
  20. Report- Always reply with eloquence in speech or written to others. Report back and explain what you have done and share to give yourself opportunity.

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