Plant Based Picnic on the Hudson

IMG_2101When I first thought of going on picnics as a veg head it seemed like it was going to suck. The reality of plant based eating is that their is so much to eat and sometimes the focus on fruits and vegetables forces creativity. Coconut fried tofu with sushi quinoa/brown rice, seaweed salad, corn salad, and a pint of strawberries. We ate our picnic on the Hudson while the sun set and it was nice until it instantly got freezing.

sushi quinoa/brown rice

cook brown rice and quinoa together in a pot and let cool

add rice vinegar, sugar or stevia to taste and a few drops of soy sauce.


Robyn O’Brien allergy solutions

Robyn O’Brien was just a Mom trying to feed her kids. One morning while eating Eggo waffles, yogurt and eggs, her baby looked she was choking. They rushed her to the hospital and the doctor said your kids allergic to food. The questions from Robyn were, “Why is food poisonous for kids?” and “What was added to our food that has increased the likelihood of allergies?” Robyn learned of the changes she and her family had to make and has since strived to educate everyone that will listen.

Keep GE Salmon Off Our Tables


Tell Supermarkets, Food Companies, and Seafood Restaurants to Reject GE Salmon! Sign The Petition here

As you know, genetically engineered (GE) salmon, the first GE animal meant for human consumption, may soon be approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Center for Food Safety, along with Friends of the Earth and a coalition of thirty consumer, food safety, fishing, environmental, sustainable agriculture, parent, public health and animal welfare organizations, has launched a national campaign to keep GE salmon out of our supermarkets and off our plates. 

Since the FDA has stated that it will likely not require GE fish to be labeled, consumers will have no way of avoiding GE salmon unless companies make clear to consumers where they stand on the issue.  Over the last month, we’ve sent letters to the nation’s top grocery stores, seafood companies, and seafood restaurants asking them to commit not to sell genetically engineered fish should it come to market. Some of the biggest grocery stores in the U.S. have already replied, stating that they will not sell genetically engineered salmon in their stores, including: Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Marsh Supermarkets, Aldi, H-E-B, Hy-Vee, and PCC Natural Markets.[1] Seafood companies like Crown Prince and EcoFish have also told CFS they will not buy GE salmon. Additionally, over 400 chefs and restaurants have pledged not to intentionally purchase, sell, or serve genetically engineered salmon in their restaurants.[2] But there are a lot more companies yet to sign!

Sign thePetition  Telling Supermarkets, Food Companies, and Seafood Restaurants to Reject GE Salmon repost from

Food Revolution summit 2013 free online listening

I just listened to today’s first speakers Dr Hyman author of Your Blood sugar solution, Kris Carr author of Crazy sexy cancer and Dr Dean Ornish. The recordings are free to listen to here for 24 hrs after the live broadcast. There is a full week of guest speakers. Today’s speakers will not be available after 9am PDT USA. For anyone that missed it I will summarize all the speakers remarks for the next few days.

Dr Hyman author of Your Blood sugar solution

– one sugar free/ diet soda consumed by women increases the chance of diabetes by 33%

– 95% of Diabetes can be prevented by lifestyle and it is reversible.

– High blood pressure, diabetes, belly fat, memory loss, stroke, heart disease are all the same problem and the solution is the same. Which is to change lifestyle to a whole foods plant based diet.

– What you put on the end of your fork is more important than any pill you will find at the bottom of a bottle. If there was a pill that worked better than diet change I would prescribe it to all of my patients.

Kris Carr stage 4 cancer survivor author of crazy sexy cancer

– Diet at time of diagnosis was worst than standard American diet. Lots of fast food, processed and junk.

– the crazy sexy diet is plant-based, vegan, green juices, green smoothies and 1/2 plate should always be fresh vegetables or fruit.

– Increase alkaline decrease acidity

– plant based milks are not substitutions they are upgrades

– It is selfish to not take care of yourself because someday someone will have to take care of you. People are digging their graves with their forks and spoons.

Dr Dean Ornish founder of Preventative Medicine research

– Drugs and surgeries are needed and wonderful when someone is having a heart attack. Preventative lifestyle change can only be that, preventative. At time of heart attack it is too late to change. However afterwards it is worthwhile to make a lifestyle to not experience a heart attack again.

– It does not matter how old, sick or genetic history, you change your lifestyle, you improve your health, it is never too late.

-A Mediterranean diet prevents stroke in comparison to less healthy diets, but this was the only true conclusion of recent studies. Mediterranean diet does not improve health better than low fat diets.

– In the next few years diabetes will effect 50% of all Americans

Engine 2 My beef with meat Potluck #mybeefwithmeat #plantstrongpotluck

click here to RSVP Currently the proposed time is Monday, May 6, 2013, 7:00 PM and the proposed place is 1815 Riverside Dr, New York, NY 10034 but this may change if the group fluctuates. If you want to meet people in NYC that are plant strong and eat their awesome plant based dishes get on the list. We are getting together in anticipation of the new book release of My beef with Meat by Rip Esselstyn, what follows below is the official invite

Host a “My Beef With Meat” launch party! The new book comes out on May 14th! We want you to help us start a plant-strong movement! Start your own Plant-Strong Potluck in your community and change the way your community eats! Plant-Strong Potluck Guidelines: Plant-Based! No oil Low in sugar and salt No processed junk food. Everyone should bring a dish that serves 8 We encourage people to bring their own plates/cups/utensils to cut down on waste